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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  October 10, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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mostly sunny. by2:00, 65. 5:00, 62 degrees and mostly sunny. and by 8:00, it's dark. and 11:00, 55 degrees with clear skies. that's a sign of where things are going. overnight, it gets really cold. those details coming up in the full forecast. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, police are searching for two suspects wanted in a braisen robbery in midtown. >> the men allegedly robbed a jewelry store and made off with watches worth thousands of dollars. ilana gold joins us live from midtown with the details this morning. >> reporter: the robbery happened at this jewelry store here on west 57th street in the middle of the day. police say the suspect ises got away with dozens of expensive watches and they want you to the see this video. take a look. surveillance cameras captured the men walking into the jewelry store at 1:00 yesterday traffic area.
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pulled out a gun and demanded watches and forced employees to fill bags with merchandise. investigators say the pair got away with 40 to 50 watches, a number they call significant. in total, they are worth more than $70,000. this is the second armed robbery in the area this week. police are also looking for this suspect in connection with a hold 46 up at the play -- hold-up at the plaza hotel a block and a half away. it happened on monday. detectives say he targeted a currency exchange business inside the hotel and got away with more than $5,000. it's unclear if this is linked to the hold-up at the watch store but it's something police are definitely investigating. if you have information on the crime, police want to you call them right away. cbs 2 news. >> thank you. a teenager has died after falling down an elevator shaft of an abandoned building on staten island. police say the 16-year-old was with his friends when he fell
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seven floors down the shaft in tompkinsville yesterday. the building on castleton avenue was once home to staten island hospital but it's been vacant for 36 years. >> it's very is dangerous. nobody should be in there. >> they should have security. have a guard or have someone patrol the area every so often. but as soon as school is out, this is where people hang out. >> the teen was taken to richmond university medical center where he was pronounced dead. and a developing story out of california. construction workers have been last night. it happened about 50 miles southeast of los angeles. no word on the conditions of the work -- the condition of the workers. president barack obama met with families mourning the loss of loved ones after a gunman college in oregon. >> reporter: the moment marine one landed, the president was met with protesters who say he
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size the tragedy by push -- rushed to to make it political. >> reporter: mr. obama met with families grieving their loved ones following the mass shooting at umpqua community college. the gunman shot and killed nine people before turning the gun on himself. >> i've got some strong feelings about this because when you talk to these families, you are reminded that this could be happening to your child. >> reporter: early yesterday, two more college shootings unfolded. first at northern arizona university where police say a freshman shot four other students, killing one of them. 18-year-old steven jones is being held on $2 million bond. >> sir, you are four charges against you. you are being charged with first degree homicide which is a felony and three counts of aggravated assault being
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charged as felonies. do you understand the charges? >> reporter: later, texas southern university was put on lockdown following a shooting at an off-campus facility parking lot. one student was killed and another person still hospitalized. in may, texas passed a new law set to go into effect next year that will allow anyone with a concealed hand gun license to carry a weapon on campus. >> that means you're going to have the wild, wild west. you're going to have shootouts. that's what that says to me. and i would like not to have a situation where we have shootouts on campus. a woman is fating charges in suffolk down -- is facing charges in suffolk county after video shows her driving into a mini van, twice. police say she ran over a sign thursday. her car jumped the median and plowed into a mini van with her
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a bystander then jumps in and tries to the get her to stop. the woman approaches the car and tells her to put the car n into spark get out -- car into park and get out. instead, she puts the car in reverse and hits the gas and hits the mini van again, nearly running down the bystander. she was taken to the hospital. >> i could lose my girls too. they would die. >> the woman was okay. this is the bystander that tried to help and almost got hit herself. the woman behind the wheel was taken to the should want she was later charged with dwi. new jersey transit could be forced to shut down at the end of the year due to safety concerns. the agency says it will not meet the federal deadline to install positive train control, a system designed to prevent derailments and collisions. lawmakers are pushing for a three-year extension of the deadline now set for the end of
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without one, nj transit says it's unclear whether they can legally operate trains beginning next year. sources say the trains will probably keep rolling but they'll likely face heavy fines. in the first post-season game since 2006, the met's sophomore outplayed the mvp to take game one. the mets sealed the deal in 27th. he walked one and -- deal in the 7th. with the bases loaded, the met's captain, wright came up big, a line drive up the middle. and two scored. and the mets win 3-1 and they'll try to take a commanding 2-0 lead tonight. >> awesome to win game one and also on the road, even better. >> that's right. not even with home field advantage. coming up, a mother outraged by her son's play set. >> you cannot have the specific accessory and call it anything else. say what it is, it's a slave parlor. >> but is the toy really racist?
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here r hear what the company and other customers are saying. behind bars again. hear what he did this time. plus, how a shark attack actually saved this man's life. first, here's dock with the forecast. >> well, our floor director allen says it's cold but i say it's chilly and it's going to be seasonably cool this afternoon. but the judge. i'll tell you about a warm-up coming up. but first, a check on the
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cool start to your saturday morning. 51 degrees 10:00 as we take a live look outside at the empire state building, one world trade in the background. vanessa murdock will have the full forecast coming up. a landmark has become the latest casualty of the civil war in syria. militants blew up the more than 2-year-old arch this week. it was considered the crown jewel of one of syria's most
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experts say isis is not just destroying artifacts, they are also cashing in on the rich history. >> for every antiquity they destroy oncamera, thousands line their coffers. >> militants have destroyed several monuments including two famous temples. a toy pirate ship is causing controversy because of an accessory. the instructions say it's supposed to go around another passenger's neck. we have more. >> this right here was found on his neck. >> reporter: only after putting together this toy pirate ship for her 5-year-old son did ida locket notice the figure with the metal collar around his neck. >> you cannot have this accessory and call it anything else. google it, look it up, it's a slave collar. >> reporter: the dark skinned character has no shoes and
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tattered pants. she says the item came from toys r us and cost around $90. the maker of the ship based in germany said in a statement the pirate figure is clearly a crew member on the pirate ship and not a captive. the figure was meant to representative a pirate who was a former slave in a historical context. it was not our intention to offend anyone in any way. >> i know that they would be crazy to have done this intentionally. >> reporter: richard is ceo of global toy experts. he says the european company was attempting to show multi- culturallism but having a black pirate but missed the mark by including the collar. >> they don't have our history. >> reporter: we found the ship for sale at an upper west side toy shop but the owner did not want to talk on the record for this story saying only she's received no complaints from customers. this father of two told us he
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thinks the toy is fine as it is. >> considering i'm half black and puerto rican, i would say that, yes, you might be sensitive on what a slave looks like. >> reporter: as for ida -- >> i will ask him to speak to the manager and ask him not to support this product. >> reporter: a product she says is insensitive. cbs 2 news. >> toy experts say it's unlikely the company will pull the toy but more likely they'll make changes to the next versions of it. the actor was arrested in texas. police say they found the transformer star drunk in the street of the interstatement district in downtown austin last night. this is not his first run-in with the law. last year, he agreed to alcohol abuse treatment as part of a plea deal following a meltdown here in new york at a broadway show. it's been 23 years since
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never had a friend like you >> to remember the film's anniversary, disney is elissa rivas leasing the movie with bonus behind the scenes footage and includes clips of robin williams in the studio as he voices the character. williams committed suicide last year. >> have to go back and rewatch. >> 23 years. >> it is. ago forecast. do we have movie weather? >> i say no. get out and enjoy it. the it's going to be a beautiful weekend although for some it will be on the cool side, especially after the nearly 80-degree warmth of yesterday. however, overall, it's a winning forecast. and let's take you live outside and show you what it looks like. beautiful skies right now, partly cloudy in the city, 52 degrees in central park. and northeast winds miles per hour. and yes it's a cool start. 40s north and west. but it will be colder tomorrow morning when we start things off.
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if you think it's cold now, just wait until tomorrow morning. and here's the deal, fall feel for today and a cool breeze to start off. and sun-filled skies rule the entire weekend, even into columbus day. and then tonight, with those temperatures plummeting in the city, i think it's 50 but north and west, 30s, patchy frost is possible. so any cold sensitive plants you have out, bring them in tonight. yesterday, 78 degrees was the high. that was 12 degrees above the norm. and today only 65 but note the gentle climb from here to monday. so gradually warming through the week wednesday sun. and if you have plans this weekend, it's looking good if you want to head up to the hudson valley. we are just about at peak there. and through new jersey and long island, the end of the month we start to see peak fall foliage. but for all activity, it's a great weekend. on the vortex satellite and radar, clouds still making their exit this morning
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associated with the cold front that brought the needed rain last night. and skies clearing and high pressure in place. and today skies mostly sunny and a breeze out of the north with the circulation around the high. so a crisp breeze for today. and feeling like fall. maybe you prefer a throw back to the summer. but tomorrow a beautiful finish and temperatures close to 70 with sun. and then monday warm for the holiday with temperatures about 10 degrees above seasonable levels and still sunshine. late monday into tuesday, we bring back a chance for rain. and today, none of that. mostly sunny skies and cooler. 65 degrees, north winds at 5 to 15 miles per hour. and overnight tonight, dealing with clear skies and dropping temperatures. 50 in the city. possibly upper 40s. and we are seeing 30s north and west. and that's why we might be dealing with frost as you start your day tomorrow. and it will be a great finish for your weekend. lotsover sun. and by afternoon, 65 degrees, a couple spots will hit 70.
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and on monday, everybody reaches into the low and mid- 70s. low 70s north and west. 74 for monday and mostly sunny. so loving monday's forecast and loving the entire weekend forecast in fact. for tuesday, what we will see, in fact monday night into tuesday, more clouds, a chance for showers but by wednesday, that's over with. we're at seasonable temperatures on wednesday. 66 degrees with a mix of sunshine and clouds. and thursday is mostly sunny and 68. and then for friday, 63 degrees and mostly cloudy skies. back to you. >> thank you. sports this morning. it was a spoil debut in brooklyn. the islander's first game at the barclay center ended with a loss. >> good morning everyone. when they dropped the puck in the islander's home opener last night, it marked the first time a regular season hockey game was played at the barclay center. islanders held a moment of
9:18 am
coach before the ceremonial puck dropped at center ice. he won four cups in a row back in the '80s. the black hawks, the crowd erupts when the captain pumped in the equaling point. chicago ruined the night for brooke wagner lynn, 3-2 the final from the barclay center. and rangers found themselves down a goal late in the 3 when should the rookie tie it at 2-2. and then the second of the night. the rangers scored three goals in a minute 17. 4-2 the final. the same two teams tonight at the garden. and hosting winnipeg and the jets were up 1-0 in the 2nd. wheeling and dealing and doubles the lead and blows it past. went in and out so fast, the referees needed replay to verify the goal. it needs other.
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saturday. curing lupus one walk at a time. how you can get involved after the break. plus f you're heading into the city this weekend, -- plus f you're heading into the city this weekend, there are some spots you may want to avoid. it's the 23rd annual upper broadway fall festival. broadway will be closed from 110th street to 115th street. and on sunday, the hispanic columbus day parade will close 5th avenue. and that is your traffic
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welcome back to cbs 2 news saturday morning. pop star selina gomez made headlines this week when she told billboard magazine she has lupus. she says she went through therapy to help treat it. she is part of 1.5 million americans with the disease. the alliance for lupus research has been working on a cure since 1999 and has a big event next weekend. with us this morning to talk more about it, the organization's president, ken. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> this was a coincidence that she came out and talked about her battle with lupus. what was your reaction when you heard that? >> well, naturally when a celebrity as big as selina
9:23 am
this, the attention focused on the disease is extraordinary. so we wish her well of course, but the terrific thing for us is we need a lot more attention on lupus. every time a celebrity is diagnosed, as you can imagine, the attention gets focused. >> and you said the phones started ringing off the hook. >> ringing off the hook. and all of a sudden, people with symptoms that may appear like lupus began to ask us, where can we get our health checked out? >> and explain what lupus is. >> it's a disease of the immune system. the immune system in lieu mispatients becomes almost hyperactive and begins to attack the patient's own tissues and organs. the major characteristic of the disease is inflammation, inflammation of the heart, kidneys and even the brain. fatigue is a big symptom. joint pain is a big symptom.
9:24 am
case of the disease begin to experience problems with kidneys. >> and talk to me about the alliance for lupus research. started in '99 by the owner of the new york jets. what do you guys do? >> the goal is extremely easy to understand. because we have only goal and that goal is to cure lupus through biomedical research. we spend all money on the lupus research programs. we are lucky. 100% of what we raise at the walk next week will go right to lupus research because you mentioned woody johnson founded alr, he and fellow board members underwrite all of our expenses. >> wow. so what are some of the biggest strides you have made over the years with all the none. >> well, we are working hard to
9:25 am
right now, the treatments for lupus are imperfect. as selina announced, she was taking chemotherapy for her lupus. that's not uncommon. but the drugs have a lot of side effects. >> they do. >> one of the major treatments for lupus are steroids. as you know, steroids have a lot of side effects. what we are working on is fining treatments that work better and work more safely. >> talk to me about the walk next weekend. where is it? and you have a big celebrity endorser, right? >> yes. we are very lucky because otis, our friend and colleague, is our celebrity spokesperson. he will be there. and woody johnson, the owner of the jets will be there. the cheerleaders will be there. the walk is at the air and space museum. 46th street and 12th avenue. anyone who wants to join suspect in connection more than welcome. it starts at 8:00 with people
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and they should go to >> thank you so much for being here. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and we hope you have good weather next weekend. >> our fingers are crossed. >> ours are too. and it takes place next saturday, october 17th. and cbs 2 news is a proud sponsor. for more information, head to >> thank you. up next, the day's top stories. caught on camera, police are looking for two armed robbery suspects who held up a jewelry store in midtown and stole tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise. we will have the surveillance video. i said to my mom, i want to do something. >> a mission of thanks. what inspired this little boy
9:27 am
presignificant the city. new this morning, police are on the hunt for these men who allegedly robbed nearly $100,000 in jewelry. the possible ties to another robbery just a block away. plus, a teen's trip to an abandoned staten island hospital turns deadly. why some are now calling for patrols in the area. and it was the met's first post-season game in nine years and they took it. game one of the national league division series in los angeles. cbs 2 news saturday morning continues right now. good morning. it is coming up on 9:30 on this saturday, october 10th. i am andrea grymes. >> the day's top stories straight ahead. but first, vanessa murdock with
9:28 am
you have been smiling all day. >> i know, well, there's reason to smile. not just the bright colors. it is the fact -- >> we're trying to will the warm weather. >> yes. we are making it happen. the sunshine will be grand this weekend. a whole lot of it. temperatures on the cool side today but seasonably cool and then warming up through your weekend. so yes, i think there are many reasons to smile with regards to the forecast. let's take it to the temperatures. it's cool out there to start off this morning. 46 in liberty. and 52 degrees in the city in central park. and 56 in riverhead. city. generally today a mostly sunny start to your weekend. and clouds to the south are still associated with the cold front making the exit. and breaking down the day, 11:00 a.m., 58 degrees and mostly sunny. and by 2:00, 65. today. and i believe many areas north and west of the city will be in the low 60s. and as you make your way toward
9:29 am
5:00, 62 degrees, mostly sunny. and by 8:00, it's dark. and 59 degrees. and 55, clear skies and getting colder at 11:00. coming up, how cold it gets overnight and the warm-up for weekend. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, police are searching for two suspects wanted in a braisen armed robbery in midtown. >> the men allegedly knocked off a jewelry store and made off with watches worth tens of thousands of dollars. ilana gold is lye if midtown this morning -- is live from midtown this morning with details. >> reporter: investigators are calling the suspects braisen. they say they walked into the jewelry store in the middle of the day and took off with more than $70,000 worth of merchandise and this morning police need your help tracking them down. we want to show you this video from west 57th street. surveillance cameras captured the men in baseball caps walk in at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. a busy time of day in a high- traffic area. and police tell us one suspect pulled out a gun and demanded
9:30 am
watches from the workers and two suspects handed them bags and forced the employees to fill them with merchandise. investigators say the pair got away with 40 to 50 watches. they say this number is significant. and right now they are trying to figure out where the watches could be and whoologiedly told them. -- who allegedly told them. police are also looking for this suspect in connection with a hold-up at the plaza hotel on 5th avenue. it happened on monday. detectives say he targeted a currency exchange business inside the famed hotel and got away with more than 5,000 dollars. at this point, police are trying to figure out if the crimes are somehow linked. if you know anything about the robbery, police urge you to come forward. live in midtown, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. we are following developing news out of turkey. at least 86 people have been killed and 185 more injured in bomb attacks in the capitol. the two explosions happened minutes apart near a train station.
9:31 am
targeted a peace rally where administrators were denouncing the violence between turkey security forces and rebels. so far, no one has claimed responsibility. north korea leader kim jong- un attended a lavish military parade today. it marks the 70th anniversary of the creation of the ruling party. he emphasized his commitment to improving the lives of his people and says hi country is ready to respond to any kind of war against the united states. a woman arrested on federal charges in atlanta is now in new york where she is set to appear in court. federal authorities say the 50- year-old told an undercover dea agent she wanted to buy more than 2,000 guns for associates in iran. he was transferred to new york after the arrest on thursday. she is scheduled to appear friday in district court in brooklyn. police have stepped up
9:32 am
on long island they now think is a trend. >> reporter: shoppers are on edge. police patrol on horse back and hide in bushes hoping to nab a masked man waving a gun, armed with rope and duct tape targeting clothing stores. >> it's scary to think that you can't go shopping anymore for fear that you will be robbed while you're in the store. >> reporter: down the block from the mall in the light of day, the latest heist. right inside the store where detectives say two customers and two clerks were tied up, made to lie down while the gun- toting crook grabbed purse, wallet, phones and cash out of the register and safe. >> everything is good. >> reporter: the robber threatened the women and ran from the store. and police want to get word out, stay alert. >> nowadays, you can't take anything for granted. you got to think security first. >> i have to look around now. >> the vulnerability is the companies themselves.
9:33 am
they don't have the security in place. they don't want to spend the money. >> reporter: victims got a good look at the predator. they say he was armed with a black hand gun, 5'8", black face mask black hooded sweatshirt and gray sweat pants. and we are learning that description matches a similar crime here this week. less than five miles away, the same armed thug may be responsible for tying together the wrist of two customers and clerks before robbing and terrorizing them and escaping on foot. cbs 2 news. >> the similar crimes happened at 3:30 on monday afternoon and then thursday at 10:00 a.m. police are hoping other people may have seen something and can help solve the crime. the american hailed as a highway error for helping to stop a terror attack many france continues to recover in the hospital after getting stabbed outside a bar in california. spencer stone's condition was
9:34 am
yesterday at uc davis medical center in sacramento. the 23-year-old was stabbed three times during a late night attack. a witness says stone had been trying to break up a fight between a man and a woman at the time. stone is expected to make a full recovery. police say they are still investigating the incident. no arrests have been made. a 7-year-old brooklyn boy has set out to thank the city's 35,000 police officers and today he is headed to his 51st precinct. every saturday visits a different precinct. it started after two nypd police officers were killed in the line of duty. >> i said to my mom, i want to do something. when i grow up, i want to be a police officer. >> they've already visit 52 precincts and today they are going to the 62nd precinct. and he has 300 cards printed and he is ready to give them out. and when you see the picture, the officers look so
9:35 am
happy. really brighten their day. >> how can you not, he's so cute. coming up, traveling with your pets. the every day transportation letting your furry friend take a ride with you in the near future. and bitten and bloodied by a shark but turns out the attack actually saved this man's life. the a fire causes a stampede, it will have been well worth it for those who survive. >> it's man verses machine and fantasy verses reality. a look at the weekend's box office premiers. first, here's vanessa murdock. >> it is a cool, crisp start to your weekend. and there's a warming trend to discuss. and we will talk about the next chance for rain. it's in my full forecast. remember, rain or shine, you can have the forecast any time with the cbs new york weather app. send us your pictures and video.
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welcome back to cbs 2 news saturday morning. 9:39. it's in the 50s right now. vanessa murdock says it will warm up a little bit but we have fall weather ahead. still clear skies though. a lot to the look forward to. the forecast coming up. a contractor serious complaints set to begin working today on shoring up the washed out foundations of more than a dozen bridges in south carolina. there are 18 small bridges that crisscross two rivers and a closed 13-mile stretch of interstate 95. the state's department of transportation says there's no estimate on when the roadway will re-open. the storm system this weekend could bring in more rain, another inch to that already flooded region. happening today, if you have an illegal exotic animal, you can turn it in to authority, no questions asked. the suffolk county spca is
9:38 am
it takes place from 11:00 to 3:00. they'll accept everything from anacondas to dragons. they want to get the animals into a controlled environment. and pets will soon be welcomed aboard some amtrak trains. riders will be able to take a cat or small dog on trips up to seven hours long on some of their northeast routes. but pet owners will have to pay a $25 fee. a newly hired worker is getting praise after his quick thinking on the job possibly saved a toddler's life. he was working on the grand concourse in bronx yesterday and he heard screams for help. and he looked up to see a little girl on a ledge. it was only his second week on the job but he didn't hesitate. >> i just ran and got a ladder and my coworker helped me hold it and i ran up and got the baby down.
9:39 am
>> why was she in that place? how did she get there? i don't know. but at least someone saved her which is the good part. was not injured. no charges have been filed. a shark attack in california is actually being credited with saving a man's life. >> the shark was a real message to me. >> reporter: it was just a family vacation in california. eugene, his two kids and girlfriend having a care-free time. and during a swim -- >> something struck me from behind. i've never been hit like that before. it was jarring. it kind of gave me an instant whiplash. >> reporter: it was a shark. eugene struggled out of the water. >> and my daughter said, how come your back is bloody. >> reporter: and this was the damage, a mean gash down his back. the headlines brayed the the news. >> that night i started having pretty serious chest and back pains. >> reporter: when he got home,
9:40 am
it only got worse. so he went to the hospital. >> the pain was caused by bruising of the thoracic cavity due to blunt force trauma. >> reporter: but it was what they told him next that hit harder. >> they discover a tumor on my right kidney about the size of a walnut. >> reporter: it was cancer. and two weeks ago, the doctor took it out. >> how you doing? >> if this hadn't happened with the shark, causing me to go in with the chest pain, i would have never known about this cancer. >> the situation saved his life. that is pretty fascinating when you think about it, right? >> i feel fortunate. i really feel like i've gotten a second chance at life and i'm not going to blow it. >> he is expected to make a full recovery. sometimes things happen for a reason. you wouldn't think a shark attack would be but good for him. >> right.
9:41 am
vanessa murdock is here with a look at fall weather. >> very much feeling like fall this morning. there is such a chill in the air but tomorrow morning, it's going to be colder and some places might see some frost for your sunday morning. so certainly fall-like weather in place. and we have a warming trend through your weekend. and what i would like to do is check in with our weather watchers and see what they have going on this morning and see how things are shaping up. and i think overall it's a good start to the day. and yes, it's chilly. 50 degrees right now says anthony. he has clouds. measured just over .50 of rainfall yesterday. and also left us a comment. let's see what he has to say, brrr, 80 degrees yesterday with a thunderstorm. 65 with sun today. diversity. he's absolutely right. in autumn just as in spring, we see big swings in the temperature. today about 13 degrees cooler in the city than yesterday. and let's take you live outside. and show you this morning, it looks beautiful but it's
9:42 am
52 degrees and partly cloudy. and northeast winds at 8 miles per hour. and a little bit of a breeze this morning as well. and as we look ahead, sunny and cool for your fall weekend but seasonably cool today. and then tonight, chilly. for some in the 30s. that's why frost could be a problem. and then into your day tomorrow, warmer to end the weekend. and nearing 70 and then on monday, we will be in the 70s. a nice warming trend. and yesterday's rainfall put a little bit of a dent in the bucket. you know we need the rain. and many under moderate drought conditions. and merely 1.5 yesterday. central park just under the inch mark. but none the less, we need the rain. we still need more. so far this month, we are more than an inch above normal. but when you look at the year, we should have well over 32 inches. right now, we are nearing 33 inches for the year.
9:43 am
more rain possible late monday night into tuesday. but it's not looking that promising at this point in time. so we need more rain this weekend. and we stay completely dry. and cold front is making the exit. high pressure is building on in. and it's going to make for a lovely weekend. but we could e use more rain. so here it is, that area of high pressure pumping in cooler air out of the north. and the cold front is out of here. and a few lingering clouds but generally mostly sunny today. looking lovely to start the weekend. overnight, clear skies lend to plummeting temperatures. 0s for areas north and west -- temperatures. 30s for areas north and west of the city. and calling for 50-degree the overnight low but it could be more like 48 or 49 degrees. that's possible. and tomorrow, another sun- filled end to the weekend. and then monday is looking very nice. north winds note late in the day toward midnight, we start to see shower action pushing in. and that's the beginning of the late monday into tuesday
9:44 am
possibility for showers. and for today, there's no possibility of that. there's just the possibility of you feeling cool, especially compared to yesterday. 65 degrees today. and mostly sunny skies and north winds at 5 to 15 miles per hour. and overnight with calming wind, clear skies and 50 in the city. and 30s north and west. patchy frost is a possibility. and then tomorrow it's a great finish to the weekend. and winds southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. and monday for columbus day if you're lucky enough to have it off, the it will be great, 74 degrees and mostly sunny with the clouds thickening late in the day with the possibility of wet weather late monday into tuesday. and tuesday, 72 degrees. and clouds. and maybe some showers. wednesday, the forecast dries out again, 66 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. and thursday, 68 and mostly sunny. and friday, 63 and mainly cloudy. normal high is 66 degrees. so despite the cool feel of
9:45 am
today, this is actually where we should be. >> and i was going to say, hasn't felt like fall that much. >> yeah, up and down. but this weekend, i think you will feel it. >> thank you. huge contrast but where we're supposed to be. >> yes. >> all right. >> thank you. well the mets take game one in their first post-season game since 2006. >> with the bases loaded, the met's captain david wright came up big. he hit a line drive up the middle. two scored. the mets went on to win-1. game two is tonight. here's the rest of the cbs 2 wfan sports update. tonight the mets and the dodgers. game two on the road. and he actually started the season only so-so away from city field. >> to be honest when i was having strucks on the road, i
9:46 am
just a couple series of bad events happening. and got a little unlucky. i feel like the last couple starts had a lot of success. when they drop the puck and the home opener last night, it marked the first time a regular season hockey game was played at the barclay center. islanders held a moment of silence for their late coach before the puck drop at center ice. he won four straight cups in the '80s. the crowd erupts when the captain pumped in the equaling point. and went to overtime where chicago ruined the night for brooklyn, 3-2 the final. blue shirts in columbus. rangers found themselves down a goal late in the 3rd when the
9:47 am
seconds late e a puck at the net -- later, he throes a puck at the net. same two teams tonight at the garden. devils open their season at the rock. hosting winnipeg. and he doubles the score. and blows it past. the referees needed replay to verify the goal. the jets add another. pre-season basketball. knicks in dc to take on the wizards. he continues to work his way back from knee surgery. 21 points in 25 minutes. big night from williams. look at that, he can fly. bounced around a little bit and threw down the 23 off the bench. and knicks improve to 2-0 in the pre-season. for cbs 2 news, have a great day.
9:48 am
they are raising the cost of the standard plan by $1 a month from $8.99 to $9.99. it affects new customers right away. and current subscribers will see their bills go up next year. this weekend, hugh jackman is the evil pirate. >> and we go behind the scenes of the man who bill of indictment the machine in steve jobs. -- the man who built the machine in steve jobs. >> reporter: michael plays steve jobs, master architect of apple computers in a picture that looks at what made the man who made apple computers. and it wasn't technical jargon that proved tough for the cast, but the writer's intense dialogue. >> the a fire causes a stampede to the unmarked exits, it will have been well worth it for those who survive.
9:49 am
a rhythm, once you sort of lose it, you're kicked off the train and you know, everyone else is waiting for that to join in on. >> ladies and gentlemen, steve jobs. >> welcome! >> reporter: and in pan, we go back before peter pan was peter pan and find a boy brave enough to venture to a strange land with mermaids and pirates led by hugh jackman who rocked a bald head and beard for the part. >> he is larger than life. hi so much fun playing it. i said a couple time, am i having too much fun? because i'm hugh up serious scenery on this one. -- i'm chewing up serious scenery on this one. >> i believe. i believe. >> reporter: now back to new the studio. >> they look good. >> i know. so many peter pan revivals over the years.
9:50 am
>> and i didn't know they go by black beard and not captain hook. but the steve jobs is supposed to be good. after the break, a check on the forecast and your top stories. >> this is cbs 2 news saturday morning. y.y.y. avsl iert hi. a viabt uny?
9:51 am
e 0%ib oic neorgis u estt -favlae enu edt e stt t t pt.etio it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you.
9:52 am
police are looking for the men behind a jewelry heist near central park. they say the men robbed the store at gun point around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. investigators say the duo got away with dozens of watches worth more than $70,000. a teenager has died after falling down an elevator shaft at an abandoned building on staten island. police say 16-year-old marcos castillo was with his friends when he fell seven floors down the shaft yesterday.
9:53 am
the building on castleton avenue was once home to staten island hospital but it's been vacant for the past 36 years. residents are calling for increased police patrols at the site. a freshman is being held on $2 million bond after a deadly shooting at an arizona college campus. police say steven jones shot four student, killing one yesterday. later in texas, one student was killed and another hospitalized after a shooting at a housing facility parking lot. police are questioning two people and still searching for a third in that case. the shootings came just hours before president barack obama met with families of loved ones killed at a community college in oregon. back here at home, one more check of the forecast for the weekend with vanessa murdock. feeling like fall, right? >> very much like fall. tomorrow morning, maybe frost on the pumpkins out there. >> should we bring in the plants? >> you have sensitive plants but not for the city. areas north and west where temperatures will plummet by
9:54 am
bring in those cherished flour flowers. high pressure in play for the entire weekend and that mean good things. today low and mid-60s. mostly sunny skies, tomorrow, upper 60s and mostly sunny. and very nice weather for those fall activities. and highs across the retoday look like this, 6 acin the city which is where we should be. and note, 58 seaside heights. and many of us will only warm into the low 60s today. and that sunshine should offer add warmth. overnight, 50s in the city. 30s north and west under mainly clear skies. and cool and crisp to start off sunday but rebound nicely. and mostly sunny for columbus day. if you have monday off, which i do, it's going to be great. mostly sunny. planning the party already. >> very nice. and very nice use of the word flora. >> my brain cranking on that. >> thanks. and that wraps up today's cbs 2 news saturday morning.
9:55 am
our next newscast is tonight at 11:00. >> check the day's stories aim day long at
9:56 am
have a great saturday. fi gesouptnsitth faesinrn a wfiaiblfr 5to00pb anwee t stalngwnad wrealngqu upadpes,oo yocaupadou fari veoupo fteth cleusitthfi milap u n ewouenrtnmt he,r t gbuthma rsotoetio 'rrad mb 1n stertiacon
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